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We're Seakeeper Certified Master Technicians!


Throw everything you know about transom-mounted systems away. We drastically changed the boating industry once, and we’re doing it again. Seakeeper RideTM eliminates up to 70% of underway pitch and roll providing comfort, control, and confidence.

It’s intuitive. It’s automatic. It’s transformational.
Just turn the key and get ready for One Hell of a RideTM.

A Few of Our Service Offerings

We aim to provide unmatched service and advanced craftsmanship that exceed the expectation of the industry and our clients.

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Experience unparalleled stability at sea with Seakeeper Ride. The state-of-the-art technology minimizes boat roll, ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable journey on the water. 

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Engine Maintenance

From routine checks to comprehensive repairs, our expert technicians ensure your engine performs at its best, maximizing efficiency and reliability.

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Starlink Internet

Offering high-speed, low-latency internet, our service ensures you're always just a click away from the rest of the world, no matter where you're navigating.


Garmin Navigation

Navigate with confidence using  Garmin Navigation. Designed for precision and ease, our cutting-edge GPS technology offers clear, detailed maps and user-friendly interfaces.


Simrad Radar

Elevate your situational awareness with Simrad Radar Systems. Advanced detection technology ensures you see obstacles and vessels in any weather, day or night. 


JL Audio Upgrade

Immerse yourself in the sound of the sea with JL's M6 Marine Speakers. These speakers deliver crystal-clear, powerful audio that cuts through the noise of the waves. 


Raymarine Navigation

From multifunctional navigation displays to sophisticated autopilots and depth finders, Raymarine provides reliable, user-friendly solutions.


Furuno Radars

Specializing in radar systems, fish finders, and GPS solutions, Furuno sets the standard for durability and accuracy. Ideal for  boaters who demand the best.


Rosewell Speakers

From high-quality hardware to innovative gadgets, our products are designed to enhance safety, comfort, and performance at sea. Trust Rosewell!


Rhodan Trolling Motor

Engineered for quiet operation and exceptional control, our trolling motors offer unparalleled maneuverability and reliability to elevate your fishing game. 

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Minnkota Trolling Motor

Dominate the waters with Minnkota Trolling Motors. Offering advanced, quiet propulsion technology, these motors provide seamless control and endless fishing opportunities.


Power-Pole Anchors

Secure your spot with Power-Pole Anchors. Revolutionize your fishing experience with swift, silent, and sturdy anchoring solutions designed for shallow waters. 


Suzuki Engines

Elevate your marine journey with Suzuki Marine Engines. Experience the blend of power, efficiency, and reliability as our engines propel you across the water.


Yamaha Engines

Discover unparalleled performance with Yamaha Marine Engines. Renowned for their durability, efficiency, and power, these engines will maximize your time on the water.


Mercury Engines

Power your marine adventures with Mercury Marine Engines. Synonymous with innovation and efficiency, Mercury offers a range of engines that deliver exceptional performance.

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Our reputation, longevity, longstanding customer base, and work speak for themselves. While most companies promise to follow the latest trends in the industry, Shiptroncis prefers to be the pacesetter, leading the way with creativity and expertise to take the standards of excellence to new levels.

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